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FRAK - Raincoat

Pepijn Hendrickx

Wilrijk (Belgium)

Material: Tent fabric (Nylon), Tent zipper, Tent cord

Basically FRAK (Antwerp dialect for coat) is made of abandoned tents at campings or festivals. What I want to achieve in the first instance with the project, is an ecological awareness. People who go to a festival should know that after the event a gigantic waste remains on the festival site. The Frak (made from recycled tents) is a creative attempt to reduce this waste. It is a modest and playful impetus to the fight against the throwaway society. You can turn the raincoat inside out so when one side is dirty or you just don't like the color anymore you can always use the other side. I presented the project to the well known belgian festival Pukkelpop and they were very enthusiastic about the philosophy and development of the design. So I hope this project will expand into more recycled raincoats.