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Life Period of Things - Tick Seating

Cecil Leonel Karges - Berlin 

(Recyclingpaper, natural colors; bio glue) 

Idee: the useful life of products is usually far shorter then the durability of their materials. >>Life period of things<< is dealing with the durability of the materials products are made of. As exampel, most plastic materials take more then 15 generations to get decomposed in natural enviroments. The stool Goodnews is designed to be only as long part of our enviroment as we want it to. The stool is made out of pressure mouldet pulp. Moulded pulp can last over centuries in dry conditions but it will fall apart quite fast when it comes in touch with water. Goodnews is made out of recycling paper and can be recycled as material or composted. The out come was this beautyfull fully functioning stool that is eco-friendly, and light weight. This is >>Goodnews<<