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Lucrecia Lovera  - Berlin / Argentinien

(Magnetbänder, Leder, Baumwolle)

Idee: retape believes that it is innovative to combine magnetic tape from old Videocasettes with traditional handcrafting techniques, thereby giving new life and form to existing material, and creating new products: bags, computerbags and accesories These new products are made under the following formula and main statement of retape: Modern obsolete material + Traditional handcrafting techniques In order to produce the Magnetic tape textile retape works with different techniques: Hand Loom Weaving; Knitting and Crochet.

Materialien: retape combine the innovative Magnetic tape textile with leather and cotton, among others, to give a perfect finish to each piece. The result of this combination is UNIQUE HANDCRAFTED pieces, made with extremly strong and light weight material. retape uses magnetic tape from old videocassettes as a yarn, since the analog technology was replaced for the new digital technology, DVD. retape looks for old videocassette on internet, contact with the people that have them and it´s plannig some actions on the street to make it easy for the people that have the videocassettes and they want to put them away to have more space at home.