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Paperwork - A Comic Bowl

Hannah Lobley – Nottingham / England

(Altpapier, ausgediente Bücher)

Idee: After accidentally leaving a book out in the rain, Hannah Lobley developed the internationally exhibited and award winning Paperwork, a unique recycling technique using the printed pages of unwanted books and paper. The pages are layered and transformed back into a solid wood like material. Traditional wood working methods are then used to create sculptural objects from that material. The surface patternation of the paper when the objects are worked echoes wood grain. Wood becomes paper becomes wood. Paperwork is committed to sustainability, combined with traditional making techniques; the material and objects produced are very tactile, open and adaptable appealing to many, from the book lover and art enthusiast, to the ecologically conscious, interior designers, architects and those just looking for the unique and unusual. Paperwork is available for sales, site specific commissions, and individual projects. Each product and material is hand-made in England; and is a one off, unique item in which the distinct surface texture cannot be recreated.

Materialien: All materials (waste paper and books) are saved from becoming landfill; acquired from local businesses, friends and family. Waste paper and books are saved for use in my Paperwork Projects and products.